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EP Download

2015-02-23 21:37:00 by MirgilCando

After I got my first couple requests for a download link, here it finally is!!PZYWCBaT!ZfjrgJBbKhCnPnSGHatLaQ

Now then, the current state of affairs. Recently I've been doing a huge amount of promoting and expanding. All in all, it was a great success. Now you can find my music on here, youtube, soundcloud, reddit, funnyjunk, and a few forums. I've gotten amazing feedback, and I think from here out I can really imrpove my music. However the drawback is the rate of release isn't going to be high. The good news is I basically have a song together, I just have to finish it up and perfect it. I have a few other things planned, such as a short release just to kind of show off my new tricks, and a few other songs already started. Tranquilium is going to get a revamp soon(tm) but that shouldn't take very long and I wouldn't be surprised if I finish that before anything else. I'm considering expanding on Toybox Groove, but I want to fix the major, and glaring, issues of Asylum. So a lot of stuff planned, but take it with a grain of salt. I'm not really going to try and put dates on anything, and refrain from saying anything that might give a general time frame as much as I can.

TL;DR - A lot of things planned, but the important things are a revamp of Tranquilium and a new song.


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