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First Steps

2014-09-03 02:39:10 by MirgilCando

So, I've finally decided exactly what I'm gonna be doing for the next month or two. I've released three songs so far, and gotten great advice from a number of people. I've figured out exactly what worked and what didn't, and I'm very happy with how things are looking. So, this is what I have planned. I'm going to probably release a song in a little over a week, named Tranquillum. It's looking pretty good, but I really want to spend time refining it. Then, the big project I've been working on will be finished up. However, I'm going to hold onto it while I'm remastering Toybox Groove, Xochipilli, and Issac's Noir. I'm going to strictly be improving on them for the most part, maybe excluding Issac's Noir which I'm considering adding a melody. Once all that is completed, I want to release everything as a bundle. All 3 remastered tracks, Tranquillum, and the big project. I'll consider it my first "album", and I'm pretty excited for it. This won't be until probably early November, and I will make sure it's all done before December. However please continue to give me criticism. In the end, I want people to really be able to look back and see the improvement. Thank you everyone for your help, it really means the world to me and I simply could not do it without you guys.


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