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Plan for future projects

2014-08-27 01:07:33 by MirgilCando

Although I'm sure it's not many, incase it interests anyone, my hope is that I'll release two more songs then the big project I've been perfecting this entire time. Although I'll be probably trying to spend less time on the next two songs and more on said project. It's gonna be a fairly calm piece, featuring no drum track (so far) and focusing more on woodwinds and piano. It was a piece I originally wrote for a story of mine, and I really have put a lot of work (Stretching over 6 or so months now) in getting the melody just how I want it. "All" that is left to do is to put in the computer, mix it together some, and finalize it. I have really high hopes for it, and I'm definetly gonna spend as much time as I can to make sure it's a really high-quality work. The next song that will be released is (currently) titled Issac's Noir.


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